20 Euclid Avenue
Toronto, ON, M6J 2J6


About the Artist



Amy Frueh is an emerging, self-taught canadian artist. She has a degree in photography from the Western Academy of Photography, a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Victoria, a degree in book design, and she has worked as a designer for the Warren Undergraduate Review, Penguin Random House, HarperCollins, and Spinmaster.

While always an artist, Amy’s focus has shifted in the last year towards more self-directed work—she has been especially interested in documenting her vivid dreams and inner visions through painting. As a result, her most recent work has a strong surrealist element. Amy has been concentrating on larger scale public art since the summer of 2017. She loves how accessible street art is, even to those who would feel uncomfortable in an art gallery, and how street art spreads concepts, beauty, and ideas more easily than other art forms.

Amy Frueh grew up on Vancouver Island, but now splits her time between Toronto, Canada and Tulum, Mexico, where she works as a freelance designer, painter, and illustrator.

Amy Frueh’s art can also be viewed on Instagram @amy_frueh. Amy is available for painting commissions.

You can contact her via her email, amy.c.frueh@gmail.com

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